Saturday, June 14

Book: The Art of the Start, Guy Kawasaki Click for more info

When a friend offered me a borrow of this book aimed at budding entrepreneurs (joking about something regarding exchange for an equity stake or something while doing so), I jumped at the chance. After all, what do I know about starting up a new business?

And it actually turned out being quite useful too. A lot of it is just the "mere" listing of common sense, but Kawasaki manages to leverage his deep experience to educate about new and possibly esoteric ideas too. Whatever the brand of education, it always feels real and easy to relate to, something which makes it such a pleasure to read.

I guess the thing which drew me to the book the most was the stress on the more human principles over capitalism - for example how the meaning behind a company is more important than money it may make. There's more than a few lessons to help with the living of everyday life let alone a start-up.

At 217 pages it's a brisk read which may just go to prove how straightforward the whole deal is, and The Art of a Start is recommended whether you're thinking of doing your own thing or not.

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