Tuesday, June 3

Food: Chor Bizarre Click for more info

Another fancy Indian, but this time one that does really well. The hook in this case is the "thieves market" theme based on the word play from the restaurant's name itself, and there are no two tables, chairs or even light fitting alike in the place. That alone makes Chor Bizarre an interesting place in which to eat.

Thankfully the place doesn't just ride on it's decor; no, the food was pretty damned good too, with our fish and chicken curries hitting the spot perfectly. Rich in taste yet not that heavy on the stomach,

Service was good too, with us being given enough space to pick a meal and having our glasses topped up with tap water on, uh, tap. We even managed to order a dish (a paalak paneer) that wasn't on the menu - these guys were seriously interested in us having a good time rather than making a sale.

Given the quality of the place it was reasonably priced - our meal with no drinks came to around 22 quid per head, although we did get a 15% discount thrown in (I've no idea how authentic that was, but I took it at face value). Although the price places Chor Bizarre in the mid-range bracket it managed to out do most of the top end places I've visited. Recommended!


  1. Anonymous23:14

    kali kani ar filimor kotha mateh...


  2. Anonymous15:33

    LOL! Aar mayaader shomandey matha ghamey.