Saturday, June 14

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If at first you don't succeed, try again, right? I don't think I'm alone in thinking that the first modern Hulk film was pretty much a travesty (mutating dogs? Really?), and so I'm glad that those in control swallowed their pride and both allowed and funded a second go. Just to be clear they've totally forgotten the Ang Lee version - this is NOT a follow up or sequel.

So with something so poor to directly compare this to, it was always going to be easy to come up with something better. But Hulk was okay in its own right too - there was adequate action, a decent straightforward plot and no digressions.

That said, it was still a bit of a missed opportunity - as if the intention was just to beat what had already been seen. Edward Norton was wasted for instance, and for the purists the makers did depart from canon quite a bit. It was also lacking in wow factor for me, with some of the action not really living up to the potential such a character offers.

Iron Man may have raised my standards a bit, but The Incredible Hulk is worth watching if only to erase any memory you have of the first attempt five years ago. Oh and there are no mutating dogs to be seen either.

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