Monday, February 11

Shak's Choice: Rihanna

Many (girls) say that Rihanna isn't exactly that strikingly pretty. And you know what? I'd probably agree with them. Where I violently differ, however, is on the assertion that she's not hot either:

Whatever abstract quality it is that generates heat, Rihanna certainly has it in spades. Just goes to show: you really don't have to be drop dead gorgeous in order to be physically attractive.


  1. Anonymous11:54

    youre thermometer seems to be misleading you. consult the manufacturer before you act on it. its sad but this appearance is probably a demand of crass capitalism, poor thing would look a lot more graceful in sharwar kameez.

    or maybe im just jealous....

  2. Anonymous18:25

    rihanna in morocco 12 july.

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