Wednesday, February 6

Film: Sunday

Sehar Thapar (Ayesha Takia) is a bit forgetful. So much so that she misplaces the whole day after a friend and hers visit to a disco. Add to this a crooked yet endearing cop, a hilarious taxi driver and his best friend and, oh yes, a couple of murders to the mix and you're set up for two and a half hours of thrills and mystery.

And yet there seems to be something missing from this film - perhaps even the plot itself! The film doesn't quite manage to link together its quite good parts, and as a result at times it doesn't quite make sense and at others it seems a bit forced.

Still, Sunday does manage to be entertaining despite the shallowness - possibly even because of it. Genuinely laugh out loud funny throughout, I really do wonder whether this film should have been billed a comedy instead. It's worth watching just for the humour.

Otherwise the production and acting are adequate (although the more I see of Ayesha the more put off I am; but on that note check out her sidekick Anjana Sukhani), with the action and music a bit strange and overcooked. I don't quite recommend you watch Sunday, but if you do, just don't go in expecting anything more than some good old slapstick.

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  1. I'm totally loving Ayesha Takia at the moment, would watch it for her.

    and Irfan Khan looks so hilarious from the adverts...after seeing him in Namesake it somehow does not go seeing him in a typi bolly..