Thursday, February 14

Film: Jumper Click for more info

The one thing that's worse than a bad film is a bad film that had potential. Jumper is such a film; it has a wonderful, brilliant premise involving the ability of a special few to teleport wherever they desire and manages to trash it all so badly that you can't help but be impressed at the failure.

Let's start with the acting. Hayden Christensen is rubbish. He's not just wooden, but damp too. The rest of the cast is okay, with good 'ol Rachel Bilson doing a superb impression of Summer from The OC. Samuel L Jackson is equally passable, but it's Jamie Bell who is the star of the show here.

Now in theory this shouldn't matter seeing how we're all watching an action movie, but since the film decides to allow itself to be so character driven, it's quite fatal in this case. The plot and flow doesn't really work either; the order of events all seem a bit backward and jumbled up and before you know it you're at the end.

But it's the failure to live up to its potential that really makes Jumper a disappointing film. Even without correcting all of the errors above it could have been adequate with just a bit more effort. But as it stands I'm gonna have to refrain from recommending this one I'm afraid.