Friday, February 1

Game: Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (Wii/SNES) Click for more info

My second Wii VC game and one I would never be able to resist buying. Yep, possibly the best version of SF2 that can ever be made available on the VC is here.

Of course I felt the same pang of regret I always do after being tricked by my rose tinted glasses in this way - SD games are so horrible to watch, and the Gamecube pad is terrible to play with too.

But today after ten games (resulting in a draw) of classic match play all has been forgiven. The graphics were quickly forgotten and the pads circumvented by the use of some GC-PS2 adaptors I had lying around.

SF2 is still as ace as it was way back when, a testament to its genius really, and I really could have played for hours longer. Good stuff.