Sunday, February 10

Film: Definitely, Maybe Click for more info

I wouldn't really describe Definitely, Maybe as a true romcom; it's just not funny enough to grab that title. It is sickly romantic though, so if anything it falls into the straight love story category.

But genre classification aside, Maybe does put on a good show. Ryan Reynolds does well as Will Hayes, a typical everyday political consultant who seems to have way too many women in his life - and yet manages to have bad luck with all anyway. Opposite him, Abigail Breslin (of Little Miss Sunshine fame) plays his questioning young daughter Maya, curious about how her parents met and why they're now getting a divorce. Amongst the three main women in Will's life we have Rachel Weisz and Isla Fisher in roles that seem to fit very well.

So a very character driven film then? Absolutely - there's not much room for convoluted plots and special effects in a film like this. And because the whole thing is set over fifteen years or so, there's a distinct lack of detail as we flitter from one stage of Will's life to the next.

But despite the obvious flaws there's no helping becoming attached to the characters in Definitely, Maybe. Will is as complicated and multifaceted as the three women he is trying to get it on with and we do eventually get a full, yet easy going, idea of what he thinks it is to love another.

Uplifting and sweet, I can't see anything else worth watching for the purposes of fulfilling another year's Valentine's Day so for that reason alone it's recommended. For the rest of us, well it was fun watching this with the guys too. Sigh.