Wednesday, December 14

Xmas Party

For whatever reason, I tend not to take part in office dos. I don't think the reasons are that important it just doesn't happen. However the Christmas Party is something I suspect we're all expected to attend and therefore there's a chance that not doing so may have an affect on our respective working lives.

Overlong and wordy sentences aside, in short this means I had to come in a suit today, wearing shoes that hurt (not entirely true since I've cheated and am wearing trainers during the day). What's the point of forcing people to do this? Next there'll be a mail going around saying how we MUST enjoy ourselves. I mean, just read it: "Formal parties" - isn't that a contradiction in terms? Tch.


  1. you're in a suit? - piccie please :D

    work do's can be a chore at times, sure even I tend to skip most of them but at times one feels the need to attend in order to be sociable and keep certain ppl happy :|

  2. umm, isn't that just what Shak said?

  3. it should be 'Formal Gathering'

    Hijinks not included

  4. >>Formal parties

    Formal is the dress-code fool not the ethos of the party.

    The way I see it- if you didn't want to go, you shouldn't even think about it. If the expectation is that everyone should go, I'm sure you can make up some excuse such as, "I have other plans".

  5. Suits? At a Christmas bash? What sort of place do you work in?

  6. Shak... you were probably loving yourself up in a suit.

    If your do is anything like the Banker's Association's gig, you'll come back giggling like my Dad. (Dad's shouldn't giggle.)

    Stop being all ba humbug... it's nearly Christmas, which means four days off. Our shop at least is adhering to the Bank Holiday policy.