Friday, December 30

New Music

Bheegi Yaadein - Atif Aslam

One of the two "original" versions of Woh Lamhe from the Zeher OST, this is the more upbeat yet edgier of the three versions. The history of the song, and indeed the album Jal Pari (that's a pun, see?) is pretty interesting actually. More here. Incidentally this also made the AN Top 100 (more later), which is strange seeing as it was released in 2004.

Woh Lamhey - Jal

The second version, and probably the one that Bolly aped with theirs. I'm still not sure which I prefer, but they're all different enough to coexist on my playlist for now.

What We Do - Kray Twinz Feat Twista, Lethal B and Grappy Ranks

Been around for a while and it was The AN's Top 100 listed today that prompted me to get it now. It's good to hear Asians come out with non-Asian stuff (I still think Hot Like Fire is a tune), and a shame that despite that this is still a desi track.

Kaho Ek Din - Ahmed Jehanzeb

Another classic song taken from the Top 100 (it's been around since 2003, so I'm not sure what it's doing in this year's list). Somehow manages to be both charged and relaxing simultaneously.


  1. oh...i completely forgot about the AN's top 100 now that i dont tune in. im gona go check what was 1.