Saturday, December 10

Film: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Click for more info

Frankly, I think the Narnia books were great. Short and to the point they didn't hang around trying to be great, but ended up being so for precisely that reason. So yeh, I was, and still am, a fan.

Which may explain why I felt so short changed by the first translation to film of the series. I'm not sure what it was but TLTWATW seemed both shallow and rushed and in some places quite the insult to the book itself.

Perhaps we've been spoiled by the recent amazing renditions of the LOTR and Harry Potter books, both series showing exactly how books should be brought to film. Whatever it is, it's a shame. Still, at least there are six more chances to make a great Narnia film rather than a passable one.