Wednesday, December 28

New Music

Rang De Basanti - Rang De Basanti

#Ringa dinga dinga dinga dinga dinga dinga.


  1. already made it to the top of my playlist.

  2. >>already made it to the top of my playlist.

    oh man...theres soimething fishy going on. why you very nice to shak?

    have i missed something?

  3. E.A.L - if you wish to think there's something going on between me and shak .. errm well I'm not going to complain seeing as most of you girls keep fighting over him.

  4. im not sure how best to reply to that, sangeeta...

  5. yeh i like the M.O.A.G trailors too Minmn.

    As for music, i almost forgot to blog this altogether: From ek hiladi ek hasina: Ishq hai Jootha - its a wicked track and stars Fardeen as bonus!

    check it out and tell me wha you people think:

    Also, theres a good few from Garam Masala -

    (Kiss me Baby prolyl the fav from the last one)

  6. >>M.O.A.G. is fab hve u read the book?

    no i havent. i took it home once(cos of all the hype!) but didnt have the attention span to read further than the first few pages.

    >>>ooh we watched garam masala the other day, bhabi d'loaded it!!!

    it doesnt seem like a good warming to akshay kumar(acting/comedy roles/movies)..and john abraham(looks) though.

    >>>...i used to be into bhangra..

    i like falak dekhu from that film too. it does have funky tracks, i reckon.