Sunday, September 30

Turkey-Iran, Day Six: Sailing, Driving, Flying

Although we were scheduled to disembark the boat at around noon, we docked much earlier. This wasn't necessarily a bad idea, as it allowed us to head for Kas in good time, stopping at a few beaches on the road there.

After checking and settling in at our hotel, half of the group set off for a spot of paragliding. It was my first time doing it and although there was no doubt how exhilarating it was, it was quite a pricey 20 minutes or so. It's one to file under "splurge" I suppose and I don't regret trying it out.

After a well deserved seafood lunch, the rest of the day was spent loitering in Kas, having coffees and visiting a hamam (the start of yet another habit on this trip).

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