Friday, September 28

Turkey-Iran, Day Four: And Then There Were Ten

For Friday prayers we headed to Ortakoy. This was a little village-type area long subsumed into Istanbul proper, but which served as a lovely little distraction while waiting for our evening flight out of Istanbul.

Mosque #14: Ortakoy Mosque

Again, the mosque here was familiar but distinct enough to have its own vibe and character. It was very pink and even had a late British Georgian style going on. I didn't understand much of the khutba, but it was a nice place to congregate all the same.

After a rushed lunch we high tailed it to the airport to catch our flight to Dalaman, and then taxi onward to Fethiye. This was the start of the more social leg of the journey as various parties from across country and even the world came to join us in this small corner of Turkey.

Dinner was at a fish market followed by coffees on the sea front, and it was a grand start to the festivities to come.

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