Wednesday, September 12

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In many ways The Predator is a complete success. It's violent enough, vulgar enough and even manages to trace its humour back to the '87 classic. For many of us who hold the original in such high esteem the job has been done.

This fanservice seems to have come at a cost though - there are also enough plot holes, continuity errors and leaps of faith requested of the audience to make this, standing alone, a bad film. It's almost as if the budget had run out somewhere in the last third of the movie. It's a shame because it didn't have to be this way, but on the other hand promising in that it shows the magic of the 80's can be recreated 30 years later, and it's not no longer given that the franchises of the past are doomed to fail in this millennial world.

Overall though I enjoyed The Predator and recommend it.

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