Monday, October 1

Turkey-Iran, Day Seven: Kas

The bulk of today was taken up by a couple of scuba dives. Although my interest in diving has since waned, I went with the majority anyway. This turned out to be a great decision as the both of the dives turned out to be pretty neat in their own way: on the first we saw a few ruins and pots (which were actually more exciting than they sound) whereas the second dive offered me my first wreck which was pretty cool. The excitement didn't quite end once we left the water either as we witnessed a localised storm literally brewing between the two dives.

Thankfully the weather cleared by the time we made shore and some glorious weather accompanied us as we checked out the few sights Kas had to offer. Most of these were more ruins (temples, theatres and cisterns) and mosques, but there were also a fair few tombs too, including embedded in the rockside, dating from Lycian times.

Mosque #15: Merkez S├╝leyman Cami

The day was concluded playing backgammon over dessert, shooting more breeze - tomorrow the group was to disband and head in separate directions so it was to be our last real doss together.

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