Thursday, October 4

Turkey-Iran, Day Nine: Bursa

Since we enjoyed just being in Izmir, the unspoken consensus was to have a lazy brunch before heading to our next destination, Bursa. This was still a good five or so hours away and so was pretty much the only thing on our list for today.

Mosque #16: Susurluk Garaj Cami

I was considering whether or not to add this mosque to the list, but since we offered a few prayers there and it was a uniquely pretty mosque (for a random one) its significance was clear.

Bursa was a neat little town densely filled with enough sights to pass the three or so hours we were there. Mainly Ottoman in architecture, we visited town halls, shrines, and of course, mosques.

Mosque #17: Green Mosque
Mosque #18: Orhan Gazi
Mosque #19: Koza Han Mescidi
Mosque #20: Ulu Cami

We offered sunset prayer at the last one, a sprawling, well kept and well attended mosque, and spent some time resting there after.

After an iskender dinner we tried a local hammam, famous for being situated on a natural hot spring. Unfortunately this was a bust as it was closing. So instead we made a beeline to Istanbul for night snacks in Uskadar - by this point the inefficiency of a road trip of this nature was beginning to become apparent, and so we focused on increasing the quality of our stay instead of packing as much in as possible. Personally, now that I had returned to Istanbul (which as far as I was concerned I was done with tourist-wise), I was looking forward to spending my remaining time in Turkey simply dossing.

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