Monday, May 7

The Adriatic Coast, Day Two: The Bay of Kotor

With a blank slate for the day, we headed north to cover the Adriatic coast up to Ston. This really was a case of the journey being more important than the destination, with the drive giving us some fantastic views of the coast.

On the way back we decided to drive off the beaten path and stopped for a while in Slano, paddling in the sea while taking a break. Once again it was a tiny moment that more than justified the shredding of any plan.

Backtracking all the way to Dubrovnik, we continued south until we crossed the border into Montenegro. The Bay of Kotor is the main feature here, and the drive around such a peculiar shape was an experience in itself.

After settling into our home in Dobrota we headed to Perast for an easy yet late lunch, taking the time to also pay a visit to Our Lady of the Rocks. It was the epitome of a lazy afternoon.

Since the night was still relatively young, we ended our long day by driving to Muo for some night views of Kotor old town and fort.

Considering the lazy pace we had covered a lot today, and for me it was a reassuring sign of how varied and dynamic the next few days would be.

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