Friday, May 11

The Adriatic Coast, Day Six: Split

As it was Friday, the plan was always to base today's activities around Jummah. Due to the locality of our accommodation we went even further than this; we were in and out of the apartment for most of the day, mopping up the remainder of our souvenir shopping, sightseeing and prayers.

Split's Old Town was of course old, although uniquely a large part of it was made up of the remainder of Diocletian's Palace... something you don't really appreciate till you've walked around the complex.

There was definitely more of an eclectic mix of architecture and age in and around Split's Old Town. It seems that a lot of the area, in particular the docks, have been well maintained and even modernised, although the effort made to keep the vibe unspoilt was clear and appreciated.

After a brief interlude at home we headed to the western part of central Split to walk up Park Marjan where we were treated with some lovely night views of the town.

The day ended perfectly with us chilling at home over card games and banana milkshakes. The whole day was the perfect ending to what seemed like a month's worth of trip rolled into 6 days. In fact I was actually surprised that we were able to relax as much as we did - it's another sign of how sometimes paradoxically leaving things unplanned provides the space to expand in the way you want to at the time, instead of against a previously thought well laid schedule. Its arguable whether we would have seen as much as we had this trip if we had planned more than the single night that we did.

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