Thursday, May 10

The Adriatic Coast, Day Five: Hvar

With the remainder of our trip now anchored in Split, there was little uncertainty as to how we were to spend today. Making sure we took the first ferry to Hvar, we got there in good time to make the most of our only trip to the island. After pottering about for the first hour or so, we rented a speedboat to take us island hopping. We went for the pricier option which in hindsight was a bit unnecessary; the sights that could be reached by the more powerful boat didn't really justify the cost or time spent on the sea.

Still we saw some Red Cliffs and visited the islands of Jerolim and Milni where we had an excellent tuna steak for lunch.

After making it back to Hvar Town there wasn't really much time do do anything other than to explore the locality more, so I took an hour or so climbing up to the fort for some elevated views of the port town. A visit to Stari Grad may have been possible given more time - perhaps if we hadn't spent so long on the speedboat.

After this, we were pretty much done. In what seemed like the whole trip so far finally catching up with us, we found a decent cafe on the docks where we planted ourselves while waiting for the ferry back to Split. I suspect for many of us the trip was over and it was pretty much silently agreed that tomorrow would be a well deserved chill day.

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