Wednesday, May 9

The Adriatic Coast, Day Four: Exploring Bosnia

After spending the early morning mopping up a few Mostar souvenirs and trinkets, we left Mostar for Blagaj, the first of three sights we had planned to see this day. Blagaj and the next stop were actually recommended to us by a friend we made during the previous night's evening prayers - it was again another example of how good things can come from giving yourself the space to be serendipitous.

Apart from the quaint natural beauty, one of the highlights in Blagaj is the Dervish House, the only one in Bosnia (although apparently this ceased to be true as of the day we visited after the opening of another in Sarajevo).

The second unplanned visit was to the village of Pocitelj. Despite its small size, it was hard to miss due to it being situated on a steep bank of a bending river - it was quite the magical approach. We spent a couple of hours or so exploring the village and its forts, mosques and towers - compared to that in Kotor, the hikes were pretty accessible.

Unlike the previous two sights, Kravica Falls was always on the list of things to see. Although we reached there in good time, we spent some of it in the car waiting for the rain to stop. Rain is usually a good thing when viewing waterfalls, but after Blagaj and Pocitelj Kravica for me was the third of three very good sights we saw that day.

After Kravica we made our way out of the country and back to Croatia and our final destination of Split. We caught the coastal route from Baska Voda, which although taking around 45 mins longer than the highway did provide us with some decent views of the Adriatic Coast - time was against us otherwise I would have loved to have stopped off in one of the towns for a bit. As it stood though we reached Split in decent enough time to return our car that day - even though we have two days to go the road tripping part of the holiday was now officially over.

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