Thursday, January 4

Food: Pizza Pilgrims Click for more info

I don't think anything consistently excites me more than pizza, but as I type this I realise that's only because of how much of a sure bet it is for me. I tend not to be too particular when it comes to food already, so it's really difficult to mess up a pizza for someone so easily pleased.

So yes this does mean it's difficult for me to properly critique the food at Pizza Pilgrims. Suffice to say it was good stuff - the, erm, size was right and the menu selection was perfectly balanced between the exotic and the standard. Although the Kingly Street restaurant we visited was a little cramped, service was great and we were left to our own devices to eat and talk at our leisure despite the waiting list of people wanting to grab a meal.

The price wasn't the cheapest but as expected - £14 for a pizza and drink, but all in all it was the experience that mattered; we left content with the food, drink and conversation we had tonight and that makes Pizza Pilgrims worth visiting alone.

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