Wednesday, January 3

Food: Ceviche Click for more info

So it turns out that Peruvian food has the rare quality of being small on the plate but large in the stomach. Volume wise I can't really remember eating much, but I did leave very satisfied both in terms of the quality and quantity - food was ordered for our whole party and dishes were passed around, resulting in a smashing of tastes, cuisines and even colour.

The restaurant itself was a little disappointing, although that was probably more our fault as it became clear how inadequately it could cater for our party of 10. Some items had run out, space was at a premium and it was impossible to have any kind of conversation over the noise. This is probably a place for a small fun group rather than any kind of intimacy.

Which brings us to the biggest failing of Ceviche: its price. Paying around £42 per head for not much food (no matter how satisfying) has made my first trip to Ceviche also my last, which is a shame since there really is no reason for them to have picked this particular market to price to... that said the food was ripe for Instagram so perhaps its canny on their part to cater to the extra-restaurant experience.

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