Monday, January 8

Film: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Click for more info

Within minutes of the film opening I had my head in my hands. That whole "Poe fakes a bad line when speaking with General Hux" just felt so out of place, so muddled, any hope I had for another Force Awakens was quickly dashed. I don't think I was proven wrong, what with the first half of this film having been a bit of a mess.

But then the turn happened and everything changed. For sure, it wasn't enough to save the film, but the pay off did make the wait a little more digestible. Its a bit of a shame really - the film was otherwise well produced and well acted out... and if I could be so brave I'd even suggest it could be made into a much better film with a few edits.

But as it stands The Last Jedi end up subject to the same curse as the original trilogy - it is as very much a "middle" film as The Empire Strikes Back was, but this actually gives me a bit of hope that not only will the next film be more of a triumph, but that The Last Jedi will come into its own as the film that ties the whole trilogy together.