Sunday, January 7

Food: Hakkaland Click for more info

The idea of a place offering indo-chinese cuisine will always ring alarm bells in my head: choosing "jack of many trades" as a business plan is never going to break barriers. And yet the popularity of such places is a testament to their demand, and I guess a lot of people want to have chicken corn soup with their naan kebabs.

We all stuck to Chinese today however and what can I say? The food was solid if not uninspiring, the service adequate, the decor and atmosphere of the place sufficient for us all to have had a decent time. The truth is that this place was never going to make waves... but sometimes that's precisely the point, as by keeping the food straightforward and unobstructive we were able to enjoy each other that much more.

At £20 (after a discount) it wasn't the cheapest meal to be had, but for some reason no one had any complaints after. That alone says a lot, and I can see us returning to Hakkaland again if we ever happen to be in the area.

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