Sunday, August 13

Food: eastZeast Click for more info

First of all: what's with the name? Is it a clever copyright avoiding rendition of "East is East"? Or something more hip for the youth? Maybe it's the only domain that was available? Who knows? Names aside, eastZeast was actually more than your typical Pakistani restaurant, and indeed was very good evidence of those up North claims of having the best Asian food.

We stuck to the usual: mixed grills, biryanis and kebabs and everything was tasty enough without being too heavy on the stomach. The bill came to around a tenner a head, which wasn't bad but also not unexpected as we were sat as a family of mixed ages as well as were very prudent while ordering.

Of course being situated in Bury means that I'll almost certainly never have the chance to go back, but I wouldn't be too upset if I did.

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