Tuesday, August 29

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As a heist movie, Logan Lucky did just about enough to get past the finish line. The plan is clever, the team sassy, the cause real. The characters are fun, and you do really end up rooting for most of them by the end, the movie offering plenty of twists and turns on the way there.

The problem was that these twists were largely manufactured, with the film trying to be too clever for it. Most of the apparently twists were of the protagonists own design; it was almost as if they wanted an excuse to pat themselves on the back. As the a result, the film loses a bit of the charm that most heist movies rely on to be truly great.

Overall then, Logan Lucky was a largely forgettable, fun-while-it-lasted flick that will perhaps leave you feeling a bit cheated. It wasn't a bad film though so just about gets a recommendation from me.

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