Wednesday, August 23

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Topping the list of "most local generic gourmet burger places" is the 6 week old BGR, down in South Woodford.

I could claim that it was my ideal of supporting local business that made me want to try BGR, but in reality it was the offer of 10% off our bill if we mentioned our local mosque. Genius.

At this stage I don't really expect much from gourmet burger places - it's quite hard to get it wrong these days - so I generally frequent based on price and location. BGR isn't the cheapest, with only the 10% putting it on par with other local options.

That said the menu is pretty interesting, but what I really had to note was how rare the burger was when it arrived - quite possibly the rarest I've had from places in this category. It was so rare that I actually had concerns in eating it (even though it did taste fabulous); it remains to be seen if anything comes of it*.

The rarity aside BGR is a decent enough place, and one I'll try to go back to... as long as the 10% discount stays in effect. After that disappears well, unfortunately, I don't see any reason to pick BGR over the many many alternative options we are lucky enough to have.

*EDIT: I am pleased to confirm that I survived the few days after consuming the pinkest burger I have ever tried.

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  1. Their website claims their burgers are done medium (which is still too well done for my liking)