Saturday, August 12

A Northern Road Trip, Day One: The Lake District

It was probably a good idea to travel up last night, a Friday. It allowed us to begin our Saturday relatively early with us reaching The Lake District in enough decent time. My memories of the Lake District are firmly rooted in the northern end of Lake Windermere, and as is always the case when visiting childhood locations the feeling of nostalgia was pretty compelling. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, we decided pretty on that we wouldn't spend too much time in the place we were all too familiar with.

Instead we headed west, toward Wast Water, braving the fun country roads in the not so fun rainy weather. We picnicked in relative isolation which was nice, but aside from that there was a lot of driving for not much outdoorsy stuff. We wanted to try a boat or something but found that the time and weather was against us.

Dinner at a friends house in Manchester meant a relatively early night and so we headed back. Perhaps tomorrow better whether will bring more fortune.

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