Wednesday, November 27

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Today's ASW works on so many levels. First the obvious - about how we're becoming a global nation obsessed with freaking sharing anything we can take a freaking picture of. Since a pictures paint a thousand words that's a lot of bullpoop being spoken, and I honestly believe that digital photography is a curse of casual society now:

But the second point is about how we seem to want to save this bullpoop for posterity. I'm always amazed at exactly how much data can literally fit into a chip the size of my fingertip, but that really doesn't mean we should. People look at me funny when I delete 60-70% of the pictures I take on holiday - but for me the comic title (mouseover to see) says it all really.

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  1. Agree and similarly annoyed by the "fashion" of photography. I make a photobook or two for myself and that's it. Only a handful are shared publically.