Monday, November 18

Film: Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela Click for more info

There comes a point where a person begins to doubt even their own integrity. I mean I'm pretty sure I was looking forward to this film because it looked great in the trailer and had some interesting music... and not because of who it happened to star. But hey, by definition we all gain initial interest in a subject for shallow reasons, and Deepika Padukone is as good a reason as any I suppose.

But it's all good, because Ram Leela was actually really good. It looked great, played great, managed to balance tragedy with comedy and, yes, had great music too. There wasn't much to fault with the film apart from some particularly disappointingly dodgy touching and feeling and some gaping holes in the plot but anyone who has been watching Bollywood for a while should be able to ignore those anyway.

The film was long, but didn't feel so, and although I enjoyed watching it on the big screen I don't think it would lose its effect too much in a home viewing. Very much recommended.

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