Wednesday, November 20

Film: Gravity Click for more info

There are times when I love cinema. After Monday's pleasantly surprising viewing I was especially looking forward to catching Gravity today - a film I had heard nothing but good about - to complete a week of amazing movies. I was a bit disappointed that we were forced to watch it in 3D (as the push to make audiences embrace the format increases), but I figured that at 90 minutes it wouldn't hurt the film too much.

And it turned out that I was actually glad we had been made to watch it in 3D after all - not only was it not as irritating, but I genuinely felt that it made an already great film better. This was finally an example of 3D adding to the enjoyment of a film instead of annoying the heck out of me. In fact it would have actually been interesting to see if the film would have been as good in 2D. No, I can't believe I'm saying this either.

3D aside, it was refreshing to watch a film so focussed and well paced - the 90 minutes felt like much more - and it's not often I feel sympathetic for characters on the big screen. Yes, Clooney is a little annoying, but Bullock took me way back to her Speed days (which is a good thing).

I'm guessing most have already watched, but if not please add my voice to the many who recommend Gravity.

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