Monday, December 2

Film: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Click for more info

It's not often that a film does a book justice. On the other hand, considering what I thought about the trilogy overall it would have been a very dire set of films to be worse than the books in this case - and the fact that I've come back to watch the second part kinda implies that I'm rather enjoying the adaptation this time around.

But it is a jolly good romp - the whole premise lends itself pretty well to film I think, with more of a focus able to be made on the visual side of things (because let's face it, the book is pretty shallow otherwise). Jennifer Lawrence is still good despite what I see as a lesser role and all in all the film is well put together; I even hated the Capital by the end of it.

Unlike the first film (and indeed, book), Catching Fire clearly leaves the door open for the final part (or rather, parts, seeing as the last book has, surprise surprise, been split into two films. Groan), so expect to be left hanging by the end. Otherwise if you like the first one you will this. Recommended

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