Wednesday, September 11

Food: Pie Factory

Well isn't this a little gem? For a start, there's already something irresistible about pies (probably the butter), but add a decent and clean place to eat them in, some great service and the convenience of having a mosque across the road and you end up with a pretty solid experience. The food itself was generous (even though I wolfed it down pretty quickly) with each pie coming with a choice of two sides and gravy.

And it wasn't even hard on the pocket: £5.50 got you a "special" pie with sides. Amazing value for some amazing food. Very much recommended.


  1. Now THIS is the place I've been waiting for!!!!! I have to go!!!

    Although not convinced by their Speciality Pies. And as a Northerner, I am very particular about my mushy peas!

  2. Oh dear. No chips. The perfect combo is pie, chips, peas (mushy), and gravy.

    But still, very much looking forward to going!!!

  3. I went. It was disappointing. Everything was microwaved before serving, so was slightly soggy, including the pastry (although at least that was shortcrust!), my cousin's wedges were particularly non-crispy, and the filling in the steak and mushroom pie was just too sweet and tomato-ey

  4. I was looking forward to going here until I saw the microwave comment.