Sunday, September 22

Goodbye Poland

And there you have it - the last day in Krakow and thus Poland. Today was reserved for Krakow proper, and it was great to find a free walking tour here as you would in many other places these days. At almost three hours long it was a bit of a slog, but well worth it as pretty much all the interesting bits of Krakow was covered. The Jewish Quarter however was omitted, but that was okay as it was on the way to the station anyway - stopping off for a quick look and grabbing a zapiekanki while there (and really, that alone was worth the detour).

But time wise the day had been killed; so much so that the train back to Warsaw was almost missed (which is more fun than it sounds). In hindsight I should have flown directly back to London from Krakow, but then I suppose the three hour journey back didn't change much really.

And before I knew it I was back in Warsaw and back at the airport to catch my flight back home. Poland may never have been on any travel list of mine but I have to say I'm glad I had the chance to go - the trip, and Poland itself, turned out to be pleasantly surprising and exceeded all expectations I had.

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