Sunday, September 29

Paris, Day Two: Get It All In

Today was all about ticking things off. We started off with the Arc de Triomphe, which we not-so-comfortably managed to squeeze in before our scheduled entry to the Eiffel Tower (which, by the way, I thoroughly recommend all visitors doing). We then hung out in Champ de Mars for lunch and a doss after which we made our way to Notre Dame. Forgive me for glossing over the details, but in short everything was very pretty and full of history.

After stopping off for ice cream we made our way back home to have a small rest before... heading back out to see the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower again, but at night. Perhaps it's because I'm no longer used to travelling with family but I found the whole thing pretty strange and amusing. But I have to admit it was nice to walk around after hours too.

By this time we had gotten pretty used to the metro system of Paris, although we had spent a lot of time yesterday trying to figure out the most cost effective and flexible way to buy tickets. It turns out that the book of singles (similar to the carnets we used to have on the London Underground) were a clear winner - very much so than the "value" travelcards they were punting to tourists.

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