Friday, August 23

Keeping The Lights On

I just spent a few minutes reading my previous anniversary posts, only to realise that I had already said most things that were relevant to the current state of my blog. On the bright side, at least that means I'm stable, rather than in decline.

As RSS dies out and FB becomes the entry point to the Internet for most people, I do often wonder how long exactly I will be writing here. Of course there's not really much effort required in keeping it trickling on, but the fact that I'm actually writing this on the 26th says a lot.

There is of course some vindication here - the volume of writing here went down well before readership, which backs up something I've always maintained about how I write for myself first and foremost. That said, it is nice when a friend who I haven't seen for ages tells me in person that they agreed with a restaurant review of mine I wrote. It's nice to relevant, no matter how rare that is.

And of course there's the big 10 year anniversary post next year. I definitely couldn't leave without writing that. Till then, I guess, and thanks for reading!