Monday, August 19

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Even though it seriously pains me to admit it, there was only one reason I really even considered watching this film. And yes, in that respect it certainly paid off, but the added bonus is that I had already managed my own expectations before sitting down. And as such I'm not even that upset that it sucked so bad.

The real shame was that Chennai Express actually started out half decently; in fact it was rather good while the action took place on the train after which the film was named. But then something went seriously wrong, resulting in some seriously stinky WTF moments... one which even involved a small person and another that involved diesel smuggling. Bizarre.

The film was funnier than it really had a right to be, and in my objective and unbiased opinion Deepika did manage to perform pretty well (and I loved her South Indian accent), good enough to validate my opinion of her place in Bollywood anyway.

But still, there's no way I can recommend Chennai Express while keeping my integrity intact. Which is a shame because the potential was definitely there.

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