Thursday, March 18

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A generation of women bred to work

I know I promised you all not to revisit this topic... but to be frank I couldn't resist being vindicated yet again (and that by a woman, yet again). For your reference I give you this and this. You know, sometimes I wonder if these journos read our blogs just to rip them off.

Thanks to Mash for originally tweeting the link.

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  1. Anonymous11:31

    From the comments section of the article:

    "Christine Brown-Quinn wrote:
    Perhaps the most important message in this article is that there needs to be more equitable teamwork in the home given women’s increasing economic contribution. That seems to me to be the crux of the issue. Why should women give up their career aspirations because men can’t do their part at home? This can and does work - talk to your partner and don’t accept that because you’re a woman you should bear a larger role in the domestic responsibilities. Also, I am wondering whether the Bedford head teacher believes that career and family is also a compromise for men. If not, why not? Are men completely off the hook for parenting responsibilities?"