Wednesday, March 24

Korea-Japan, Day Two: Surfing Seoul

Today was about being a tourist and leaning on our guidebooks. As such we clocked up the Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung Palaces, took a walk down Insa Dong, passing by the Cheonggyecheon Stream at the end. Toward the evening we checked out the Samsung D'Light building where the company had on show their current and future products. To be honest I was kinda underwhelmed; it seems that technology is a bit more global now, and there wasn't anything futuristic or amazing to see there. We did try to make our way to the river but we aborted as it turned out being further than we expected.

We got a good feel of Korea and its capital today. The Koreans are a nice enough bunch, although they do seem to walk a bit funny. And they totally don't respect the usual food conventions that I'm used to in the west. Yes, that's right, their seafood pizza has meat in it. Still, at least the place was kind enough to make me another one.

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