Tuesday, March 30

Korea-Japan, Day Eight: Nikko

After a relatively late start we decided to spend the day in Nikko, a compound of various shrines and other sights. We made it there for midday, which didn't leave us much time to get through all we wanted to but we managed to cover the main sights.

Prioritising what we wanted to do, we got on a bus and headed straight for the Kegon waterfall. On the way we took a cable car for a pretty stunning view of Kegon and Lake Chuzenji, well worth the time spent on buses to and froing. We then made our way to the lake and waterfall proper, although since we still had the temples and shrines left to do in Nikko we couldn't stay too long. Although this was unfortunate (the lake seemed like a nice enough place to have chilled for a while) it was a bit nippy.

The shrines were impressive, but again standard fare. Toshogu was the nicest of the bunch, while the Shinkyo bridge was typically Japanese. Unfortunately the place started shutting at 3:30pm which left us a bit stranded, but after a late lunch and our train home we ended up at our hotel at 9pm anyway. The day was quite efficient and we got a lot done, but for those of you who are planning to check out Nikko I can only advise that you start your day earlier than we did.

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