Friday, March 26

Korea-Japan, Day Four: Jummah and Car Shows

After a lazy start I headed to Itaewon, location of the only mosque in Seoul in order to attend the Jummah congregation there. As such it was quite the focal point for Muslims - those I met and chatted to all seemed to be immigrants though. The imam appeared to be local, offering us a khutbah in Arabic, English and Korean. I love attending foreign jummahs; its usually the place where I manage to get closest to the people and culture of a country as they accept me into their place of worship. It's the ummah in full effect. I even got to grab a halal kebab for lunch afterwards.

That afternoon we headed to KINTEX to attend the tuning show that was being held there. But in order for you to understand the significance of this (we're not into cars anyway) I have to rewind a bit, back to a conversation I had with one of my travelling companions a few months ago. It went something like this:

Him: Check out this bird. She's so hot.
Me: Aww. Cute. Where is she from?
Him: South Korea. She's a Korean Race Queen.
Me: We should go!
Him: Okay!

And a few weeks later we had our tickets booked for Korea and Japan. Now I'm not one to chase skirt, certainly not across the globe, but an idea comes from a variety of places and in this case it was a model. But Korean Race Queens aren't just booth babes (even though the majority of pictures from a Google search will be of them draped half naked over cars), but super girlie too. For example check out the undisputed Queen of Queens, Park Eun Kyung do her thing. Guys, prepare to melt. Girls, prepare to hate. Pout-tastic or what?

So when we heard that a Tuning Show was being held in Seoul while we were there, we had to check it out. We weren't expecting big things: our, uh, research showed that the Tuning show didn't traditionally have any of the big names (they're usually saved for the big Korean and Japanese motor shows) but we thought it would be something different to do during our stay anyway. Imagine our surprise when we found Park Eun Kyung was actually there, doing her stuff (admittedly I didn't even recognise her myself; I'm more of a pew pew fan myself). And no, I didn't take many pictures. Ahem.

It was our last night and we had one last thing on our checklist to do, and that was to try some san nachi. I'll let you guys Google it yourself if you want to find out what it is, but unfortunately we weren't able to find any place that had it on their menus tonight. We did find an excellent fish restaurant instead which happened to be super cheap to boot. I guess that's a win of sorts, but for now san nachi remains not-done.

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