Tuesday, April 10

Climb Shak! Climb! Click for more info

So, a bunch of us are climbing Ben Nevis on the 27th of May in order to raise money for Ulfa Aid. You can find the flyer for the event here, and my Justgiving sponsorship page, here. Please take a few minutes to check it out.

I don't blog for financial reward, but if you've ever liked anything you've read here then I'd ask you seriously consider sponsoring. And if you've hated everything I've ever written, then be the better person and cough up anyway. In return, especially generous supporters will get honorary mentions on these pages (which is probably cheaper than getting married in order to get the same).

Oh, and bear in mind that you can contact me directly if you don't want to use Justgiving.

Ta in advance!


  1. how exciting! good luck.

    >>Every donation puts you in a draw to win an SUPER SECRET PRIZE! (Prize may be of little or no monetary value)

    hmmm...... so just one prize?? and how does that work?? hey whats the prize at least????

  2. Yeah like that was really Ghazal that donated..

    ...was it?