Saturday, April 28

New Music

Look 4 Me - Hard Kaur

Quite possibly my most favourite Hard Kaur song yet. Well put together and with some catchy lyrics, this is a feel good tune with a bit of poignancy thrown in for good measure.

What Goes Around - Justin Timberlake

Aaah, at last: Justin Timberlake, but the one from his last album. I was hoping he hadn't gone totally and irreversibly "Sexy Back" on us and I for one am glad that he hasn't. Tune.

Come Around - Timbaland & MIA

I can't remember the last Timbaland song I added to my playlist, but this one caught my ears recently. Typical stuff from the producer but made different 'cos of MIA and her fun way of performing.

Stop Start - Asian Dub Foundation

I used to be a lightweight fan of ADF back in the 90's but kinda lost interest after Deeder Zaman left the band. Stop Start is almost a throwback to their vibe in that time. Bangin'.

Grace Kelly - Mika

Yes, hardly cutting edge I know. But now that I have heard it I can see why it made the top spot so many weeks ago - it's certainly rebalanced my play list in favour of the pop stuff anyway.