Sunday, April 29

Film: Ta Ra Rum Pum Click for more info

Typical Bollywood rags-to-riches-to-rags-back-to-riches fare. There isn't much more to Ta Ra Rum Pum than that, and although I didn't leave the cinema full of regret, I don't think I'll be remembering much of the film after today.

Acting was alright, not that anyone stood out in particular. The plot was nothing special either; the racing itself played a small part of the film - it was a context and nothing more - and we never really felt the need to get involved with any of the characters. Music was below par (I won't be adding any of the OST to my tracklist anyway).

Highlights included a spectacularly stunning Rani Mukherji, especially during the first half of the film, although I did wonder at one point exactly how short her skirt was heading. Oh and that music video wasn't that bad either.

But still, this film trod a fine like between being passable and truly sucking and although I list some of the flaws above I think that, overall, it makes the former. Still, what that does mean is that it's not something I could urge you all to rush out to see, whether on the big screen or DVD.


  1. walked out before the interval ... and Rani looked like a hooker during the first half and it made a refreshing change to her usual look

  2. i enjoyed it. as far as being memorable goes, well there's not much i remember these days anyway so it's irrelevant. besides you don't expect bollywood to make memorable movies, they make 'for now' movies and they make them well. rani looked seriously hot in the first half of the movie, a bit harsh of you to say she looked like a hooker san!

    with a cast like saif and rani you have plenty of eye candy, there was at least one stunning bollywood dance number, and as a formula movie i think it was engrossing enough to consider it having been a pleasurable way to spend a sunday evening

    it's just a shame you didn't take me out to dinner afterwards shakil. it's all about 'wham bam thank you ma'am' with you isn't it

  3. I quite liked it :-)

  4. dear lord, i actually watched this instead of spiderman! my bumb is still numb, felt like i was in the cinema for years!!

    anyhoo a quote from the movie:

    "oh my brother from another mother.."

    well it amused me :-D

    noticed they do the Bangla-thing when saif/rani do movies, which is nice to see, not so hindi dominated. the shona thing was a bit over the top and..i still can't believe i agreed to watch it.

    nil pua...