Saturday, April 14

Game: Picross Click for more info

This game is digital crack. In fact, I feel like I'm wasting time even writing about it. But since I'm a committed man, I guess that I have to.

In each puzzle of Picross, you're faced with a square grid - at the moment I only have 10x10s, but I'm sure that they get bigger after time. Each row and column of this grid is marked with a set of numbers; so: 4,2,2 or 2,5 or 1,1,1,1,1. These patterns mean that, in a row of (say) 10, there will be contiguous "coloured" blocks of whatever numbers they say there are. And it's your job to figure out which block to colour.

Yes, that might sound a bit confusing. But there are implications to these rules: you know the order of them and that there's a space of one uncoloured block in between each set (otherwise 2,2 would have been written 4), and so they are all solvable with a bit of thought. And as with all puzzle/logic games, you end up building your own strategy and heuristics in solving them.

Picross really is great. And even more great because it's on the DS - playing the game is a pleasure with a touchscreen and stylus. Playing the game well is more of a challenge.

Okay, I think that'll do. I'm off to get my videogame high again.

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