Tuesday, October 18


We've kinda settled into a routine now. It's goes something like this:

  • Wake up at 4am for Sehri and Fajr. We have to go 30 mins before Fajr adhaan to secure a place; my mum has to go even earlier.
  • Come back and be in bed by around 6.
  • Wake up at 11, get ready and leave for Zuhr in around an hour later.
  • Return from that and shower and rest for a while, perhaps get some shopping done (but probably not since it's too hot)
  • Leave for Asr, again a half hour before adhaan (at 4pm).
  • Remain in the mosque till Iftar and Maghrib (6pm or so), usually reading Quran for the two hours till then.
  • Get out and try to find some food; return to the hotel to eat by around 645pm.
  • Leave for Esha and Tarawih at around 720pm (adhaan at 8). Do a Tawaf after that's done.
  • Leave the Haram at around 1030pm at which point we finally get some free time to walk around the area and do random stuff. We may even eat some more.
  • Get back to the hotel and in bed by around 2am for two hours sleep before Sehri.

Basically the whole day revolves around the five prayers, which is probably unsurprising. What is frustrating is how each salaat takes an hour longer during this busy period than it would otherwise due to the need to arrive early to get a place. Still, waking up to a live adhaan is wonderful and beats an alarm clock anyday.