Wednesday, October 26

Live From Pak

So I've finally managed to find a connected PC after heaven knows how many days. I've actually got loads to blog but don't really have the time now, so if you're interested in knowing almost all about my time in Saudi keep an eye out for that.

56k Internet sucks though. Otherwise I'm loving Karachi as always.


  1. OMGGGGGGGG ure alive.. phew..

    mishu :'(

    comeeee back foo!!

  2. I'm watching a documentary on More4 about bride kidnapping in Kyrygztan...

    And despite the fact that it's not the most pleasant documentary ever, made me start thinking about you.

    All you need to do is find a country where they have husband kidnapping, and your problems will be solved.

    Talk to you when you get back.

  3. LOL! good advice Osama! ;-)

    Good to hear from you shaks, believe it or not, you are being missed.. enjoy the rest of your time in karachi and we shall catch up with you on your return. Take care :-)

  4. that prog was pretty grim man. but it seems part of normal life there.


  5. Shak! nice to hear from ya. cannot wait for all the goss for when you get back.. will he or wont he? that is the question. (rubs hands all too excitedly)