Sunday, October 9

"Oh No Chachu Please Don't"

That was Idris's mantra this morning while I was cutting his hair, while his grandparents were holding him steady. Now Idris is (and I suspect will always be) a bit of a cry baby, but what he didn't realise was that I didn't really care and further that no number of tears would have made me stopped what I had started.

Anyway, he immediately calmed down after receiving his new die-cast Harvey and Harold. Really it was almost multiple personality disorder the way he switched: "Thank you chachu for cutting my hair", although this was probably more to do with him getting the aformentioned toys than a brilliant number three. Total player, I tell you.


  1. I say some of us hold Shak down, while I get to cut his hair and see him cry. :-D

  2. >>but what he didn't realise was that I didn't really care

    such a meanie

  3. This refers back to Big o's comment i thought shakil doesnt have hair? wait we should hold him down and shave his arms!! yeah he'd like that.. poor Idris.. mean chachu! :(

  4. He will be excused for being a player cos he is gorgeous innit? :-D MashAllah... sighh seems mean but ya right dude!Kids do act as though they have DID! tsskk, although Idris is ssoo sweet, think i would have just succumbed to his wailing.

  5. Kids certainly know how to play us 'oldies' don't they! lol.

    I find the easiest way to get kids to keep quiet is to bribe every time! :-)