Thursday, October 20


Arrived in Madinah this morning. I think I've always preferred Madinah to Makkah; it's more peaceful, quieter, the people are more friendly and it's less harsh than the latter. I think it's always been this way since the time of the Prophet.

Having said that, this visit seems to be even more busy than it was during my Hajj visit, and I've also noticed a bit of shoving.

The Mosque itself is also more logically organised than the circular one in Makkah (which is understandable considering their respective proximities to the Kaba). You can also see the "layering" of the mosque as each extension had been built over time - it's kind of like the rings of a tree in that respect.

Oh and Makkah gave me a leaving gift in a split toenail which was nice of it. At least I'll have something to remember it by.

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